Marathon Power – Unique and Customizable UPS Solutions

While UPSs have been in use for many years, the right UPS is much more than a commodity device: it is essential. Marathon Power offers multiple product lines, including online and line interactive devices. Its UPSs are capable of true sine wave output, often with the built-in efficiency of line interactive technology. Marathon Power is especially proud to offer state-of-the-art, energy-efficient and maintenance-free Supercapacitor UPSs. In addition to offering off-the-shelf products, Marathon Power can customize any product to fit any need. UPS customization means that it can be matched to an application. For example, moisture-resistant and long-life components are used for ruggedized applications, as would be required for traffic monitoring devices. The firmware loaded on a UPS dictates what it does and how it operates, impacting switchover voltages, alerts and the interface. Customized firmware allows a UPS to precisely match an application. In addition, all Marathon Power products are made to ISO 9001 certified standards, making them a stable, total quality oriented supplier capable of meeting the specific needs of its customers.

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